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An Overview of Commercial and Industrial Roofing Types

There are several types of roofing available, two of them are commercial and industrial roofs. Just like its moniker, commercial roofs are commonly used for commercial buildings, such as offices, malls, outlets, restaurants, etc. Whereas industrial roofs are for industrial properties which involve chemicals, high temperature, and other harmful elements that can easily damage the roof, like factories, power plants, etc. Let’s dive right into this article to learn more about commercial and industrial roofing for your building!   Types of Commercial Roofs Let's review the three most typical types of roofs used for...

Do I need a permit to repair my roof?

Permitting in the roofing world is a complex issue. In this article we are going to guide you on the current permit issues. If you are from New Jersey, continue on for more information. Before starting construction on your roof, your head will be full of doubts. Do I need a permit to repair my roof? What if it is only an exterior improvement? It is normal to have these doubts and not know how to get correct answers to them. A repair on your roof is a serious job, and...

Replacing Your Roof with a Cool Roof

Energy prices have been steadily rising in recent years. This has prompted many homeowners to seek solutions that will allow them to reduce their energy bills while maintaining the same level of comfort. One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is to install a cool roof. Unlike traditional shingled roofs, which absorb the majority of the heat from the sun, cool roofs can reflect sunlight and heat, allowing them to remain cool. If you've ever been in a stuffy, hot attic in the summer, you know how bad the...

The Benefits of Replacing Your Roof | Tips, Trends & More 

Come on, it's no lie, for many of us our most special place is our home, our house. Keeping it tidy and in good condition is very important to most of us. It is no secret to anyone that one of the most fundamental parts that we have to keep in good condition if we do not want leaks all over our house is our roof. Correct, but what are the benefits of replacing it from time to time? How often do I have to do it? Let's get to...

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What are seamless gutters, and are they suitable for your home?   

Want to know what are seamless gutters? We are here to explain what they are so that you can assess if they are suitable for your home. Overflowing gutters, deteriorating or sagging structures, gutters needing constant re-sealing - there are numerous problems you might have to deal with if you have a dated gutter system. As a result, you might be considering installing seamless gutters to avoid them. Standard sectional gutters can be both a nuisance and an expense. That is why it makes sense to discuss what seamless gutters are...

Why You Should Waterproof Your Commercial Roof

The roof of a commercial structure is made to seal, care for and protect the structure. In order to maintain it, it is essential that you apply a proper insulation solution. Here we explain Why You Should Waterproof Your Commercial Roof.   Reasons why you should you waterproof your commercial roof Proper roof waterproofing will help you avoid damage to the building. This process consists of repair and maintenance work to increase the resistance of the exterior wall materials. It also provides you with different advantages that you cannot miss.   For health You must waterproof...

Things to Remember About Roof Repair

Things to Remember About Roof Repair The roof is a significant part of your home. It will protect you, your belongings and your home against different elements. Such an important part requires attention and putting off any type of repair can cost you in the long run more. With roof repair the thing to know is: The sooner, the better. A roof and gutter company near you can help you estimate the repair if you don’t want to get involved. Many of the repairs or maintenance needed can be done by yourself,...

Winter-Proof your commercial building

Tips to Winter-Proof Your Building   When winter rolls around, complete with rain, freezing temperatures, ice, and snow, Winter-Proof your commercial building! Every season poses different challenges for a building, such as heavy rain in spring and sweltering heat in summer. Winter weather especially can wreak havoc on a building and tenants if you’re unprepared. From pipes bursting to tenants slipping on ice to the roof leaking, winter brings many potential pitfalls. Get your building ready for winter ahead of time to minimize the risk of cold weather challenges. Here are three steps to...