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Bloomfield Contractor Fights Poverty By Fixing Others’ Roofs

One of life’s most basic needs is a roof over your head, Essex County contractor Chuck Anania says. BLOOMFIELD, NJ — One of life’s most basic needs is shelter. That’s what motivates Bloomfield High alum and Essex County contractor Chuck Anania in his quest to help others keep a roof over their heads. Anania is the president and founder of New Jersey Roofing Co., a “for-profit, for-progress” roofing and remodeling company that’s installed more than 15,000,000 square feet of roofing, siding, and remodeling services over the past 25 years. Here’s the kicker: Anania reinvests...

The true meaning of Christmas: Menga, Colombia

We all love the holidays, time to relax and enjoy the family. But the true meaning of Christmas is helping and giving to those in need.  When it comes to roofs, every nation speaks the same language and no one should be without a roof. New Jersey Roofing Co. donates this past Christmas 6 roofs to families in need.  Making a difference around the globe is what New Jersey Roofing Co. is all about. Over the past 10 years, Anania and New Jersey Roofing Co. have used proceeds from every project...

Carlstadt Roofer impacts 200 Colombian Families | New Jersey Roofing Co.

New Jersey Roofing Co. of Carlstadt aided this woman and hundreds of other people in Colombia. CARLSTADT, N.J. — In 2010, Carlstadt roofer Chuck Anania, visited Cali, Colombia with his family. He was deeply moved by the extreme poverty and terrible conditions he saw: collapsing, leaky roofs posed serious health, safety and quality of life issues to many, including children and the elderly. As a result, he created New Jersey Roofing Co., modeled on helping those unable to help themselves in a continuous, sustainable way. Anania recently returned to where it all started – Cali,...