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Do I need a permit to repair my roof?

Permitting in the roofing world is a complex issue. In this article we are going to guide you on the current permit issues. If you are from New Jersey, continue on for more information.

Before starting construction on your roof, your head will be full of doubts. Do I need a permit to repair my roof? What if it is only an exterior improvement? It is normal to have these doubts and not know how to get correct answers to them. A repair on your roof is a serious job, and the procedures must be done in the correct way. We know that a permit is time consuming and costly to obtain, and that many times you do not even get one. We will explain exactly what you need to repair your roof in New Jersey and when.

In the past, a permit was required for this type of work, and it was not easy. You had to go to the city hall, ask for a permit, pay a high price and wait for weeks. This caused a roofing job to be much more expensive and much more time consuming. In 2018,everything changed and ended up making everything easier, faster and cheaper. The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs considered roof work to be minor work and not requiring an inspection, so today NO permit is required. This change was made in March 2018 and has remained that way since that day.

However, not needing a permit can also be a problem. True, it makes everything easier and makes the work faster, but there are several drawbacks. The building permit used to be a filter for poor quality contractors, now the responsibility of analyzing the contractor and accepting the project falls on the owners. This causes owners to have to do an exhaustive search of contractors, so they do not hire a bad one. If you do not know how to find a good contractor we recommend you to read How to choose the right roofing contractor? This way, you will be sure to find a good company for your roof, and you will not have to worry about the quality of the contractor.

In short, if you are from New Jersey you no longer need a permit, so if you are looking for a waterproof roofing contractor in New Jersey you will not have this problem, since it is now considered minor work. If what you want is roof coating in New Jersey, you will not have the permit problem either. Whatever you do on your roof, if you are in New Jersey, it will not require a permit, but you do need to find a good contractor. Plan the project well, consider what it will cost and research the feasibility of the project.

As a final recommendation, do not fall for a cheap company, but rather a good company with a good track record. The fact that it is not necessary to have a permit has its disadvantages- to make sure of the validity of the company and its project. If you want to secure your shot we recommend you to visit our website by clicking here, we assure you that you will be satisfied with our quality services.


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