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Commercial Roof Inspection in Northern NJ

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Having your commercial roof inspected is essential to minimize damage and prevent major repairs in the long run. But it can also deliver many other benefits. New Jersey Roofing Company specializes in the construction, maintenance, repair, and replacement of commercial and industrial roofing. If you’re in the northern New Jersey area and searching for roof inspection services, rely on our technicians. Learn more about our commercial roof inspection services at New Jersey Roofing Company.

What Is a Commercial Roof Inspection?

A commercial roof inspection is the process of looking for damage, cracks, and other issues to diagnose problems and treat them before they become serious. Professionals inspect and check your roof and related components, such as drains and downspouts.

Commercial roof inspections should be completed twice a year. However, they may need to be completed more frequently depending on factors like roof material and the type of roof you have, such as shingle roofs or slate and tile roofs. It can also depend on the age of your roof, weather, and geographic conditions. Discussing your options with a professional can help you come up with the right plan so you can maintain the longevity of your roof.

Generally, you should make sure to inspect your roof in the fall and then again just after winter ends and snow melts. This allows you to examine any damage obtained through the winter. Business owners should also have a roof inspection completed in the spring. This prepares your business and roof to be ready for the summer rush. It can also be beneficial to quickly inspect roofs and roofing structures after heavy or severe storms.

Commercial Roof Inspection Services

Commercial businesses can enroll in our commercial roof inspection services offered at New Jersey Roofing Company. With reliable warranties and free estimates, customers can get exactly what they need out of their roofing services. To complete your roof inspection, our professionals first evaluate the inside of your business. Here, they look for cracks, damage, or water stains on walls, ceilings, and foundations, which can indicate that your business may have roof issues. We also look at other roofing components, such as:

  • Lightning protection systems
  • Supporting structures
  • Roof drains
  • Roof covering condition
  • Pitch pans
  • Flashing condition
  • Expansion joint covers
  • Roof edging
  • Roof penetrations

Next, our inspectors move to the exterior of your business to inspect for signs of commercial roof damage. During this portion, professionals clear roofs and storm drains of leaves, sticks, and other debris. We also make sure to check gutters and leaf guards. We have access to advanced technology, like drones, to complete inspections and find small issues in hard-to-reach areas. If we run into problems, like areas with standing water, we can go ahead and fix them during your appointment. Or we can schedule another appointment for more extensive repairs.

At New Jersey Roofing Company, we train our staff on the most advanced roofing construction methods and techniques. This way, our team can provide quality services to customers. They know and understand how to inspect and repair any kind of roof. Our professionals also have the staffing, equipment, and expertise to complete large roofing jobs. We also offer emergency services. Customers can feel free to browse our showroom at 520 Route 17 South, Carlstadt, NJ, 07072.

Why Get a Roof Inspection?

There are many reasons business owners should enroll in regular commercial roof inspection services, including:

Increased Life Expectancy

Regularly having your roof and its components inspected can extend the life of your commercial roofing. This is because you are getting ahead of major issues, allowing professionals to spot potential problems that can be fixed quickly before they grow worse. This can make your roof last longer, saving costs on repairs or commercial roof replacement.

Less Maintenance

Because roofing inspections focus on spotting issues before they worsen, this can mean there will be fewer pesky maintenance problems that business owners have to deal with. During your inspection, professionals are diagnosing issues and coming up with plans on how to fix them. This prevents issues from becoming more serious. Keeping up with regular roof inspections can help prevent leaks and other problems.

Purchasing a New Space

Before purchasing a new commercial space, business owners should consider having the roof inspected. Inspecting the roof of a building before purchasing it can let business owners know if it is a good purchasing decision, as it can tell them if they are going to have major roofing issues in the future. It can also tell if major repairs will be needed upon purchase. Establishing connections with a trusted roofing company can give you the resources needed to help you make wise decisions when you buy a commercial space.

Enroll In Our Inspection Services

With years of experience under our belt, commercial businesses as well as residents can rely on our roof inspection and commercial roof maintenance services at New Jersey Roofing Company. We serve people throughout northern New Jersey. To learn more about our commercial roof inspection services, contact us today to receive your free estimate. Or call 866-921-8004.